Billing System Specialists for Startups

Fractional CFOs for hire, specializing in billing systems and operations.

How it Works

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Complete our quick form so that we can gauge your startup’s needs and prepare some ideal Billing System Specialists for you.

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We do the work of matching you to pre-vetted CFOs in our talent pool who have extensive experience in billing systems and operations.

Interview and Hire

Interview the CFOs we send you and choose one to hire. Then, we will help you and your new CFO determine a compatible cost structure.

Hire a Specialized Fractional CFO

Why Specialize?

Many companies have unique and specific needs for their financial operations and management. If your part-time CFOs cannot handle your specific needs, they can cost your organization a lot of time and money. By hiring a specialized part-time CFO, you can be sure that your CFO will bring the right skills and experience to the table.

Meet some of our Billing System Specialists

Michelle D.

Michelle Part-time CFO

SF Bay Area

Michelle is a certified managerial accountant with substantial experience in billing operations as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration with Accounting emphasis. Michelle helps companies to implement successful accounting systems, integrate accounting software, manage staff, and helps businesses by maintaining and growing business operations.

Geno P.

Geno part-time CFO

New England

Geno helps companies with technical accounting, controls implementation, financial forecasting, and billing. Expertise in areas of financial statement preparation, analyzing existing operations, and implementing effective systems of internal controls Strong technical accounting acumen, auditing, and critical thinking skills. Continually design, review, implement, and test controls for operating effectiveness.

Cory S.

Cory Part-time CFO

NYC Area

Cory has 20 years of experience developing the frameworks, processes, and financial models necessary to drive insights and support business decisions. His areas of specialization include working capital optimization, billing operations, 3-statement cash flow modeling, and turnarounds. Prior experience includes time at EY, Morgan Stanley, and a number of technology-based (SaaS) start-ups.

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How much will this cost me?

Getting matched to CFOs is completely free! We do not charge the startups or the CFOs right now, as we are in beta.

How quickly will Shiny match fractional CFOs to me?

From the initial form completion, it will take 2 business days to match and introduce 5 fractional CFOs to you. From that point, you can interview and hire a CFO as quickly (or slowly) as you like.

What makes Shiny better than a CFO-services agency?

We aren’t trying to replace CFO-services agencies, nor are we trying to be better than them. We are here to offer a DIY solution to hiring a fractional CFO. Our solution is easier than posting on a job board but much less expensive than hiring through an agency.