We partner with firms and organizations that add value to our marketplace in various ways. Typical categories are startup services, software solutions, and back-office support.


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Brex credit card


Earn up to 7x with Brex Rewards and 25,000 points in statement credit and waived card fees for life through our partnership with Brex. No personal guarantee required to get this startup credit card.



The only corporate card and spend management platform that automates your accounting and lowers your bills. Deploy in 15 minutes. Close your books 5x faster. Save $100,000+. 1.5% cashback.


Rippling is one modern system for managing payroll, benefits, computers, apps, and more. It automates the manual work you normally do to make employee changes—from onboarding to offboarding. As a Rippling partner, Shiny can get you preferred pricing. Reach out to learn more.



InterPrime is your cash management and treasury team. With InterPrime, you can create custom portfolios and bond ladders to invest your idle cash and deposits. They offer a flexible investment universe consisting of US Treasuries, FDIC insured Certificates of Deposit, and Investment Grade corporate bonds. Their goal is to help you manage your cash like a Fortune 500 company, no matter the size of your business. As an InterPrime partner, Shiny can get you 3 months off InterPrime’s management fees.

ADVATS tax solutions

Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions

Advanced Accounting and Tax Solutions (Advats) provides concierge-level accounting and tax services, filling the void between lawyers and financial planners.

Twiz Media SEO


Twiz helps businesses improve their online visibility and ranking on Google through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are three parts of SEO, technical SEO, content marketing, and offsite. Twiz handles all of them at the highest level.

Photon Commerce

Automate the processing, capture, and reconciliation of invoices, receipts, and payments using AI. Photon Commerce eliminates manual data entry, paper, and errors for Accounts Payable, while enabling lower fees and faster payments.



FoundHuman is a Recruiting Department-as-a-Service built specifically for – and specializing in – startups. They work with startups at the Seed to Series C stage providing them with a sophisticated recruiting department to drive their growth, at a fractional pay for what you use model. Everything from crafting an effective job description to building an effective interview process and candidate experience, all sourcing, candidate screening, and all calendar and admin responsibilities and they do this at less than half the cost of traditional recruiting models.

pry logo


Pry is a financial planning platform for startups to manage their cash runway. Use Pry to connect your financial stack for real-time budget vs. actuals, manage your hiring plan, and model scenarios in a powerful visual environment. As a partner of Pry, Shiny can get you preferred pricing.

vendorterm logo


VendorTerm helps startups get paid from outstanding receivables. Basically, they provide non-dilutive growth capital to fast-growing startups. VT purchases receivables from companies, paying them within 5 days and then collects the full amount from the original customer at the later date. Startups can use the capital for growth, marketing, hiring, sales, etc.