Shiny Connects Fractional Executives with the Clients Who Need Them.

From Organization Man to Micro-Entrepreneur

There’s a great change happening in the world today. We no longer see the “Organization Man” who has permanent employment with one company all their life.

Instead, each worker is a freelance micro-entrepreneur who can utilize their own unique strengths and expertise in the best way possible.

The organizations are changing too. Startups and mid-sized companies need flexibility. They need to hire expert consultants on a fractional basis rather than full-time employees.

How do you meet these challenges and make the shift from a company employee to a solo consultant? Shiny is here with the solution. Our platform brings together talented executives and the companies that need them.

Why Choose Us?

At Shiny, we live to see entrepreneurs and independent workers thrive. We believe there is no greater freedom you can achieve than working for yourself.

Right now, we’re seeing a revolutionary shift in power dynamics from corporations to the people. This is a welcome change that empowers workers and opens up exciting new opportunities. Anyone can take charge of their own career today and succeed.

However, this change also presents challenges and exacerbates existing problems. Many people making the shift from a company worker to a solo entrepreneur find these challenges formidable.

This is where Shiny comes into the picture. Our “why” is to support entrepreneurs and freelancers to face these challenges and shine. You can lend your skills and expertise to organizations that need it and play a meaningful role while also maintaining your independence.

Meet the Challenges of the Independent Worker Revolution

Shiny’s platform offers a community of executives a chance to connect with the companies that need their expertise. Our solutions are a response to 3 major changes in the world of work and workplace organization.

  1. The Independent Worker Revolution. There is a shift in power dynamics underway that’s enabling executives to take control of the way they work. You can manage your professional life on your own terms and do what you do best.
  2. The Unbundling of Organizations. Work is being unbundled from traditional organizations and systems as we move to an era of one-to-many worker-to-customer relationships. Responding to changes in the market, they’re restructuring their core processes for more flexibility and cost savings.
  3. Remote Work Is the New Normal. Most software companies have now made the shift to remote work and hybrid work, which offers more opportunities for independent workers.
    The great challenge is to find the clients who are looking for your skills and open a dialog with them. Shiny’s platform is designed to do just that.

At Shiny, the idea is to empower YOU, the creative worker. You have your own individual strengths, so let them shine. Shiny is building tools and structures to accelerate the independent worker revolution.

What We Do?

Our Talent Marketplace matches fractional executives with clients who need their services. We make it easy for you to connect with rewarding opportunities. Alongside the marketplace, we are building tools and solutions that make the lives of fractional executives better.

The first tool we plan to offer is a software platform that integrates and consolidates into one Workspace all the client systems each fractional executive works across.


The Shiny Story

Shiny is a team of scrappy individuals who came together in a fractional fashion to bootstrap a proof-of-concept called SiliconCFO. Coming from organizations ranging from small startups to top tech companies, we put our varied experience and expertise together to support some of the most successful fractional executives and startup founders in the industry.

Shiny is the next stage in the evolution of SiliconCFO. We started out with nothing more than an idea, passion, a drive to succeed, and luck. SiliconCFO made its name by offering a marketplace connecting pre-vetted fractional CFOs with startups and SMBs.

After growing the marketplace of fractional CFO’s and launching our platform, we knew we could offer more by replicating our efforts across more fractional executive roles. Enter Shiny, where fractional executives come together.