FinTech CFOs for Startups

Seed to Series B Fractional CFOs for FinTech Startups

How it Works

Schedule a Call

Schedule a quick introduction call so that we can gauge your needs and prepare some specialized FinTech CFOs for you.

Get Matched

We do the work of matching you to pre-vetted CFOs in our talent pool who have extensive experience in FinTech startups.

Interview and Hire

Interview the CFOs we send you and choose one to hire. Then, we will help you and your new CFO determine a compatible cost structure.

Hire a Specialized Fractional CFO

Why Specialize?

Hiring a CFO, part-time or full-time, should not be taken lightly. The wrong CFO can slow down your entire business. By hiring a specialized CFO, you can be sure that your CFO will bring the right skills and experience to the table.

Meet some of our FinTech CFOs

Chris H.

Chris H part-time CFO

Based in New York

Chris helps companies with their financial models, strategic/operational plan, resolve cash flow challenges, preparation for fundraising, optimization of operations, as well as other strategic areas to prepare for and manage growth. Prior experience includes CFO Office of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.

Vivienne L.

Vivienne L part-time CFO

Based in Toronto

A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 12 years of experience creating and managing strategic plans at the foundational and detailed level. Communicates effectively across the organization, executes high-level strategy by designing and implementing a plan to reach goals and handle challenges.

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How much will this cost me?

Getting matched to CFOs is completely free! We do not charge the startups or the CFOs right now, as we are in beta.

How quickly will Shiny match fractional CFOs to me?

From the initial call, it will take 2 business days to match and introduce 5 fractional CFOs to you. From that point, you can interview and hire a CFO as quickly (or slowly) as you like.

What makes Shiny better than a CFO-services agency?

We aren’t trying to replace CFO-services agencies, nor are we trying to be better than them. We are here to offer a DIY solution to hiring a part-time CFO. Our solution is easier than posting on a job board but much less expensive than hiring through an agency.