TopTal Finance Alternative

Are you looking for a TopTal Finance alternative? Discover why Shiny is the best alternative and how we will send you the right Fractional CFO for your startup.

Why Shiny is the best TopTal Finance alternative

TL/DR: Shiny is an easy-to-use white-glove service matching startups with part-time CFOs. Once we receive information from you about your startup and your needs, we search through our pre-vetted talent pool of CFOs to find a few ideal options and make introductions via email.

Pre-vetted Fractional CFOs

Our pre-vetted talent pool for CFOs consists of CFOs from around the world, with experience in almost every industry. We are constantly growing our talent pool with experienced financial professionals.

Don’t go over-budget

We always take budget into account when matching startups with CFOs. Our CFOs rates can vary depending on location and experience, and we will be sure to match you with CFOs within your budget.

It’s free to start

Getting matched and introduced to CFOs is a completely free process! Only pay what you and your new CFO agree to. We make money by taking a small percentage of the CFOs earnings, which they consider a placement cost.

Get matched to a specialized CFO

Many companies have unique and specific needs for their financial operations and management. If your part-time CFO cannot handle your specific needs, they can cost your organization a lot of time and money. By hiring a specialized part-time CFO from our talent pool, you can be sure that your new CFO will bring the right skills and experience to the table.

Ready to speak with CFOs?


How much will this cost me?

We don’t charge employers any fees, hidden or otherwise, to be matched and introduced to CFOs. You only have to pay what you and your new CFO agree to.

How quickly will Shiny match part-time CFOs to me?

From the initial call, it will take between two and four days to match and introduce three to five part-time CFOs to you. From that point, you can interview and hire a CFO as quickly (or slowly) as you like.

How are the CFOs vetted?

Every CFO in our talent pool has first gone through a preliminary screening on paper, then an interview over the phone. About 20% of CFOs who apply are added to our talent pool. Once we match part-time CFOs to you, it is up to you to complete the final round of vetting and then hire one.